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Screenshots and Info!

    Here's where you get the latest info about the Tower of WAR project! Pick a level and start browsing. At present, not all of the levels have screenshot pages up, but they will sooner or later.
    If you have trouble seeing these images, you may want to turn up the gamma on your monitor. Also, these pictures were taken in ZDoom 2.0.47.

The following levels make up the Tower of WAR Demo:
Level 1: The Gateway
Level 2: Security Station
Level 3: Ground Floor
Level 4: Second Floor
Level 5: Office Space
Level 6: Production Room

The following levels are not in the demo:
Level 7: Basement Labs
Level 8: The Lounge
Level 9: Crate Maze
Level 10: Southern Turret
Level 11: Project Nova HQ

There are no screenshots for these levels yet...
Level 12: Skylight Central
Level 13: Third Floor
Level 14: Warehouses
Level 15: Western Turret
Level 16: Cubicle Maze
Level 17: Moonlit Labs
Level 18: Sky Garden
Level 19: Observation Deck
Level 20: Production Control

Secret Levels
Level 31: Gun Tower
Level 32: Starlit Showdown