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Level 11: Project Nova HQ

    This is not an area you are familiar with, but you quickly become aware that this is a secret area of some kind. A plaque on the wall reads 'Project NOVA.' You don't know what this means, but the name 'Nova' certainly implies some kind of destructive power...

Whatever "project nova" is, they do seem to be making a big deal out of it...

In here, there are two consoles (the other is behind the player in this picture). Pressing the centerpiece of one console opens the opposite door.

This is a room you'll be visiting often, as finding a path up these crates helps you get to the other areas of the level. The only starting point, however, is on the other side of these crates. Once you get the green key, you can hit this switch and lower the large green crate, allowing you to reach the other side of the room.

These tree and flower sprites are most often seen in Level 18, Sky Garden. Here, you'll have to find a secret pair of teleports - one gets you into this garden, the other gets you to an identical garden with blue armor.

Here's a trick I saw in another wad: have one switch build the stairs around the key platform. I included another trick, as well: when you take the key, all the stairs fall into the nukeage, and the key platform falls to just above that height. At this point, various human guards teleport in around the room.

Another use of recolored textures. You'll be seeing a lot of them in level 12.

What could this little base be for?

Look carefully - the sides of this platform have risen so you can't escape when the Cyberdemon comes out. If you can run into his room and press the switch, you can jump off the platform and make the fight easier.

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