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Level 10: Southern Turret

    You board the final freight elevator, hoping it takes you closer to where you need to be. You curse as you recognize this place: it is one of the tower's four turrets. They were built as defense mechanisms, you remember, and all but the northern one are rumored to have various anti-aircraft guns mounted at the top.

    The top of northern turret is where you last saw the president of WAR; your job is to get there. But first there is this turret, which, unfortunately, is the southern one...

There are five "floors" in this level, each connected by stairs or some other means. Finding this passage is the key to advancing through this level.

Watch out... security cameras are watching this room! As soon as you lower the red key, stepping in one of the light spots will cause it to rise up again.

Useless trivia: this is the first time I used the "donut" scenario (where the lava rises and the key falls all at the press of one switch).

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