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Level 9: Freight Maze

    You're not too happy about leaving an area that you know for one that you don't, but you have to get back to ground level somehow. Your next mission is to ride the freight elevators and hopefully get back to ground level...

You have only one chance to get this secret. Raising the slime allows you to get to the switch you need, but blocks the soul sphere.

Here's the new hanging lamp sprite.

Shooting this switch raises a bridge so you can get over there... and the switch there lets you into the next elevator.

The point here is to run to the next safe spot before the ceiling crushes you. Alternately, you could press the odd-looking wall on the other side of the room.....

.....which lets you into this stash of ammo. Later, after you get the green key, this back door opens and provides a shortcut to the green key room. On the way, you'll find a megasphere.

Try to keep the Mancubus here from exploding the barrels; you'll need them to help kill the Cacodemons that appear once you take this key! Alternately, you could open the back wall for a plasma gun and an invuln sphere.....

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