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Level 8: The Lounge

    WAR seems to have rigged this elevator, too; you can only go to one other floor. This seems to be a more lively area than the labs you just came from. Only then do you realize that this used to be a basement lounge for the workers. WAR has apparenly made a command center out of it and dumped a bunch of crates in the area in place of the furniture.

    As you recall, there is a freight elevator to the west of the main area.

You'll get the stuff on top of the crates later on. Right now your job is to open the various doors in the lobby (the room around the elevator where you started).

This is a pretty simple monster-attack design. The switch lowers the green key platform, but imps appear after you take it, teleporting onto the other two platforms (they lower as you go up the stairs to the switch)

One of the recolored textures I used in Tower of WAR is this COMPRED texture. The point of this room is to ride the moving platforms up until you can shoot out the switch.

These items can be lowered by pressing a switch near the elevator. An identical switch on the opposite wall opens the elevator... and releases the barons of hell.

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