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Level 7: Basement Labs

    WAR's machine was bigger than you thought, but you managed to shut it off. You see no way to destroy it, however. And you know that WAR will just turn it on again. But now, they know you're here...

    You curse your own stupidity, but you figure you may as well finish the job. Your mission is clear: destroy the machine from its control room upstairs.

    You see a new door has opened on the north wall...

This is a rather quiet place... kind of small, as well, as laboratories go. This may not be the only lab in the building...

Once you take the blue key, the pillar around which you climbed the stairs opens, revealing revenants and a way to the level's only secret.

Here is one of the "stat" textures. In normal play mode, there are demons behind those bars.

The DeHackEd patch at work.

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