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Level 6: Production Room

    As you peer down into the hole in front of you, you sense a feeling of dread coming on. You know the creatures you saw in the secret chamber weren't natural. In fact, your father described a creature like that to you. You've even seen them around. You strain your ears and hear the unmistakable sound of whirring machinery below.

    You knew the ins and outs of the building before you left, but this chamber is totally new to you. You realize that this is where WAR is planning to mass-produce the demon creatures. You grit your teeth and jump in, determined to stop the machine's progress...

Much of the action in this level takes place on the machine itself. This view is from the lowest level - your first job is to lower the teleport that gets you up here. Here you can also see one of the signs placed around the machine.

These little alcoves open up early in the level and occasionally pour out imps, which you will have to fight when you return from exploring the higher reaches of the machine.

This has stumped several people. From inside the green door, you must shoot out this switch, and a bridge will be raised to the area with the blue key.

A view from the top level of the machine.

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