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Level 4: Second Floor

    You force open the elevator door and prepare to press the switch, but something you hadn't counted on happened: the WAR employees had changed the elevator switch so that it could only go to the second floor.

    You will have to find another elevator and see if you can use it. On this floor, you must navigate a maze of offices to find a way into the back rooms.

Several items in this level can only be reached when you fall from atop the cubicle borders. Only one of these items - the green key - is vital, but the other items include your first plasma gun and the items in this picture.

This switch, built into the file cabinet, lowers a certain platform. The picture next to the switch will give you a clue as to what happened. Also, the broken monitor sprite is shown here.

After entering the red door, you'll be able to teleport up here. This catwalking process is necessary in getting many items in this level (see first screenshot on this page).

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