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Level 3: Ground Floor

    You're almost there. You can sense it. This patch of sewer is all that separates you from the ground floor of WAR HQ. You had to go this way because it would have been too tough to scale the mountain on which the HQ was built.
    Once inside, you must seek the elevator which leads to the next floor. Unfortunately, you guess that the WAR officials have locked the door to the elevator room when they left for the night. You will have to find their key.

Here's the entrance hallway of the WAR building. You entered from the sewer connected to it, and so the front door is still locked. You have to find the switch and then get out there.

Outside, you must search for this switch, which is crucial in getting the blue key. In this picture you can also see a later area of the level.

Beware of taking the green key... a band of monsters led by a Hell Knight will teleport in to block your escape path (the way you came in).

This level ends when you press the elevator switch. Consequently, you start in the same elevator in level 4... only, on a different floor.

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