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Level 2: Security Station

    You step into the teleport and arrive at a place you knew when you worked for the UAC.
This is the place where all the security guards can see what goes on inside the WAR building. You are still underground, though, and you know that there's a secret way into the building through the blue door in this area...

The focus of this level is on crates and other cargo. Once you enter this area, you can't get back out until you hit the switch next to the green key. Here, you can see the hanging lamp sprite.

The biggest area in the level is this crate-hopping puzzle. You must jump from crate to crate and enter the tunnels at the other side of the room, to get up to the next level of crates.

This is a view from the top of the crate maze. Some items in this room, like the various ammo in this picture, can only be reached by jumping from a higher crate.

From here on out, levels will end when you enter the next area; in this case, walking into this dark area ends the level.

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