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What is this site anyway?

    This is the official (I guess) site for my megawad, Tower of WAR. Here you can find news and screenshots about the project, as well as a link to download the ToW demo. You can always contact me about the wad - contact info is at the bottom of this page.

News: May 1, 2004:
Been awhile since I updated this site. I've decided to take down the current screenshots section, as providing shots for all the levels at this point is quite a tedious task. Sometime soon, I hope to put up a more generalized screenshots section that shows off ToW's features rather than trying to explain the individual levels.

Also, one thing I'd like to note: I have to some degree given up on compatibility for all source ports. This is because some of my newer, cooler tricks are getting screwed by GL-based ports. The wad does still work in vanilla doom (to my knowledge), which was my original goal. At any rate, it'll be best played in ZDoom anyway. I'm going to call it "ZDoom Enhanced..." catchy, I know. :-P

Oh... as of this writing, I am currently finishing up levels 25 and 26. Yep, I'm getting pretty close. I'm only doing this off and on, however, as schoolwork has sapped my time, so it'll be a couple more months. Sorry. :-/

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Contact Information

AIM Jwall0312
Doom Connector [*ORB*]NetNomad

Tower of WAR is a Clan ORB Project.
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