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Features Page
    What's a megawad without some kickin' new features? Rest assured that Tower of WAR will have some nice ones... this page shows you them.

Textures & Flats

    Tower of WAR has plenty of new textures & flats. Here are just a few:

WAR Logos
You'll find WAR logos all over the place. Also, several instances of "UAC" have been changed to "WAR," such as in the door texture BIGDOOR1.

Soda & Snack Machines
Sometimes pressing them will do something.

Stat Textures
WAR monitors their demon creatures by placing these on the walls. Take them as a warning of what is or could be in the room!

Several different signs are placed around the building. Take note of them...

Recolored Textures
I've added several recolored versions of common textures.


    Yep, this megawad has new sprites. Check 'em out...

Green Key
One of the first things you notice about ToW is this... I've replaced the yellow key with a green one! All yellow door textures are also green in this wad.

Computer Monitors
WAR is part office building, after all. And the workers have to have computers. It seems the demon creatures have laid waste to some of them, though... but if you find a working one, it never hurts to try using it!

Desk Lamp
For those "all-night" workers.

Office Chair
Ooh, comfy. But you aren't gonna be sitting around much in Doom, are you?

Hanging Lamp
These hang in most freight-storage areas.

Wooden Barrel
Don't worry, they don't explode... they're just placed alongside crates for more cargo room.

Live Trees and Flowers
To conform with government regulations (and worker complaints), WAR put in a garden/greenhouse complex. These various plants appear in this level (#18).

Power Cell
On top of the Western Turret of the tower, these vital objects power WAR's largest nuclear cannon. Take them out by shooting them and force open the gun's side doors. They may also be found in other areas, playing a part in some puzzle...

The WAR Soldier

    The one-and-only new enemy in Tower of WAR. This guy looks kinda like you, 'cept his marine's uniform has some strange-looking blood on it...
    Technically, this enemy replaces the SS Soldier, but with the DeHackEd patch, he's a whole new enemy. He packs a rather nasty machine gun, walks fast, and at 100 hit points is the toughest of the human enemies to kill (slightly harder than a chaingunner). As the SS did, the WAR soldier drops a bullet clip when he dies.

DeHackEd Features

    Tower of WAR includes a DeHackEd patch. It's not necessary to run this patch, but it does the following things:
Changes all "yellow key" messages to "green key" messages
Changes the level names as seen on the automap
Changes the story text after levels 6, 11, 20, and 30
Makes the broken monitor object solid (otherwise you can run through it - not like it matters)
Changes stats for the WAR Soldier; he fires faster, walks a bit faster, and is twice as tough to kill than the SS Soldier he was built from.

ZDoom Features (MAPINFO Lump)

    Like the DeHackEd patch, it is not necessary to run ZDoom to play Tower of WAR. However, it IS strongly reccomended, as the included MAPINFO lump does the following things:
Changes the level names on the automap, like the dhe patch
Provides story text after every level. Levels 6, 11, 20, and 30 have the default story music, while all others have the music for MAP31.
Makes the sky scroll slowly in some early levels (so that the clouds in the sky texture move)
Sets par times for each level (displayed on the intermission screen)

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