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The Net Nomad's Doom Levels
...and other miscellaneous crap, YAY!

    Welcome to this little dead-end page of mine. This is where I describe the Doom projects I'm working on, and those that I offer for download. It also has links to some random stuff that I keep on this server.

Doom Levels

NOTE: I do not build GL nodes for my levels, because it adds extra space to the wad, and GL hates some of my tricks anyway. Play them in GL at your own risk, you'll be seeing a lot of HOMs. If you want to build your own GL nodes, fine, but don't distribute the GL versions, because that'll cause confusion if they're ever brought to a multiplayer game. Unless otherwise noted, I reccomend ZDoom for my wads.

Released Levels

Tower of WAR Demo

Size: 292K (zipped)
Port: None
The demo of Tower of WAR, my biggest project (see below). Storm the headquarters of an evil and corrupt corporation that plans to mass-produce demon creatures in an attempt at world domination. This demo includes six levels, new music, graphics and sprites. A DeHackEd Patch is also provided.
The Library

Size: 31K (zipped)
Port: None
This was the first wad I ever released. It's a short and simple library-style level that can be used in SP, coop, or deathmatch. Not much to it, really.

NOTE: This wad is known in the archive as, but inside the zip was "library.wad." I know this causes confusion, so here I renamed both the wad and its zip to "nlibrary."

Ice Base

Size: 161K (zipped)
Port: Skulltag
This Skulltag-only level is set in a frozen wasteland. Players can fight in the base itself, on the platforms around the base, inside the ice cave, or out on the snow and ice. Skulltag items, weapons and runes are included, and ZDoom-based features include reduced-friction ice, deep water and appearing / disappearing runes. Screenshots here.
Flash Blaster

Size: 8K (zipped)
Port: N/A
My only weapon mod is this, a modified BFG9000 that shoots faster and uses less ammo, but doesn't do as much damage. It's not perfect, however, as I couldn't edit the tracer damage. For best results, use a port of some kind.

NOTE: This was never released to the archive.

NetNomad Skin

Size: 58K (zipped)
Port: Designed for Legacy
Wohoo... I made a skin! This is mostly for Legacy, because Legacy can't change colors like ZDoom can, and there's no dark green. Anyway, this is basically Skullag's Base 2 skin, with a darker green uniform and the "N..." just in case you forget which one's me. Download it so you can play on a server that uses it, but don't use it yourself!!

Current Projects

Tower of WAR

Current Size: ~6.5 MB
Port: ZDoom Enhanced
Storm the headquarters of an evil and corrupt corporation that plans to mass-produce demon creatures in an attempt at world domination. This megawad will include 32 new levels, new music, graphics and sprites. A DeHackEd Patch is also provided, and a ZDoom lump provides some extra features. Please visit its sub-site here.
Reactor DM

Current Size: 133K
Port: Legacy
This wad is more or less done, I just have to get around to a little bug-fixing. It's set in a reactor-style level and is almost perfectly symmetrical. Several 3D bridges and swimmable radiation are among the legacy features in this level.
3D Castle (Working Title)

Current Size: 211K
Port: Legacy

3D Castle is a Legacy level for Heretic, but at this point I'm not sure it will be released or not. I posted some screen shots a while back, however, which can be found here.


Clan ORB Homepage
Here's another site that I manage - the homepage of Clan ORB, where some of these projects are also posted. ORB is a clan of players and mappers that meets on Doom Connector.
The "Bad Wad" Page
I made this page to clear up some of the confusion with people who have an invalid doom2.wad. If you have this problem, please read this page, it may help you!
Things that piss me off on DC
A list of things that piss me off on Doom Connector. Do not be misled by the title, it's got some valuable information. Read it or be pitied, or something.
Things that piss me off in PWADs
Back by popular demand (okay, not really). This page is for things that I believe are signs of n00bishness in map-making. If you want to be a good mapper, I advise you check it out.
Sprite Comic!
A stupid little comic that I work on sometimes when I get mapper's block. I call myself "Cheese Monkey" on this page in refrence to my username on a forum that I show this comic to.

Well, thanks for visiting! Now go find something better to do. :-P

-The Net Nomad
AKA [*ORB*]NetNomad on Doom Connector
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