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Ice Base: Beta-Test Page
    If I sent you the address to this page it's probably because you wanted to test my wad... if you happened to stumble upon this page by accident, then please leave now. Seriously. Go on, shoo.
    Since this is a DM wad, it would probably be better tested in multiplayer mode. However, I don't want this wad distributed to a friend, who then distributes it to a friend, etc... not gonna happen. You can just see the confusion that would cause, I hope.
    Anyway. I'd like for you to download and play the wad alone (or perhaps with bots... but personally I've never gotten them to work...), then email me back your answers to these questions:

1. Which parts of the map did you like the best, and which the least?
2. Are there any ZDoom/Skulltag tricks that you think I should add? Keep in mind that I'm not going to be doing any scripting.
3. I get the feeling that some of my item placement isn't too great. Any suggestions on that?
4. This version does not have any music. I had a music, but I took it out because I thought it didn't fit. I'm going for music that conveys both the desolation of the place as well as a sense of danger/rapidness/battle music/etc... do you have a MIDI like this? If so, please attach it to your email.
5. Any bugs you'd like to report?
6. What else should I add, delete, or change?
7. If you had to choose the level's final name, what would it be (you don't have to answer this one if you suck at names as bad as I do)?
8. Any other comments?

Download (136 KB)

Before playing, I'd advise you read the text file; it has tips and secrets in it (as well as the a copy of the list of questions above).