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Ice Base Screenshots

Here's a shot of the map as of February 19, 2004.

This is the southern end of the base... also referred to as its "lower" half.

This was taken from the northwest corner of the lower-half platform. There are a lot of weapons down in the lower half, but with the exception of the BFG weapons, every weapon appears twice.

This is the other side of the base (taken from the eastern wall).

The ice cave is mostly empty, but it currently has a grenade launcher and a Doomsphere, as well as some back passages that connect to other weapons and items. On the map, the cave is in the northeast portion of the map.

There are (or will soon be) ten of these pedestals. Press them, and you get a rune. Walk away, and they vanish again. When they respawn, they respawn off the map and you have to press the switch again.

Here's the inside of the base (the lower half of it anyway). This shot was taken from the southeast corner of the room.

...and this shot was taken roughly from the center, facing northeast. The inviso sphere can be taken after you press the console, but the door closes again. Taking the minigun causes bars to come down for ten seconds. There's currently nothing on the northeast corner platform...

This is the center hallway of the base. You can jump out the windows to get runes and items, or you can head into the ice cave from here (behind the player in this shot). The rune at the other end of the hallway is rage.

Here's the upper room of the base. Outside is another snowy portion and another platform. Of course, this area is roughly 192 units above the lower area, so there's a bit more potential for you location-wise if you start off somewhere up here. There's also an entrance to the ice cave from out there.

The regeneration rune is hard to get, because you must first get the high jump from the lower paltform, then make your way to the upper half of the level. Next to the railgun is a high platform that, if you're not paying attention, you may mistake for another wall. Two jumps and you're up here.

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