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Cheese Monkey's (Currently Unnamed) Sprite Comic

Useless info: "Mr. Game & Watch" was actually an old sprite-set I used for a game I made, a couple of years ago. I figured he looked enough like the real thing, so why create new sprites? Heh...

Useless info: The grassland backgrounds are provided by The Games Factory, which is what I used to place the objects.

Useless info: Who is this guy anyway? To be honest, I don't know who he really is... but I know who he's going to be later in this comic. Muahaha. I suppose those who know me well enough can predict who the black mage guy really is...

Useless info: Thanks to Dr. Fruitcake for the trout. :-D

Useless info: I based Link off another sprite comic where he's a clueless moron... much as I based Mega Man off of Fruitcake's comic. Yes, I'm a shameless personality stealer. Muahaha!

Useless info: Thanks to my Earthbound..... er, "programs," I got the Ness sprites without having to search the net for them. Unfortunately, making him any bigger made him look distorted, so I figure he'll stay the same size as Mega Man and Link...

Useless info: I've noticed there's an inverse relationship between intelligence and 1337ness. :-/

Useless info: A backgound from Earthbound (slightly edited) is used here. It was resized slightly, which is why Ness looks considerably smaller in this place than he does in the real game. The hotel owner sprite, though, was enlarged a bit...

Useless info: I figured out that all my characters had "posing" sprites from their various games, so... :-P

Useless info: The idea here is that Mr. Game & Watch is trying to lead them to his HQ, but it's not quite morning yet.

Useless info: In case anyone is wondering: the various weapons in the first panel were from the Games Factory libraries. As for the big weapons board, well, those are from Doom. From left to right, then top to bottom, there is the pistol, chainsaw, shotgun, super shotgun, chaingun, minigun, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, plasma rifle, railgun, BFG9000 (which Mega Man's standing in front of), and BFG10K.

Useless info: I love ZSNES. :-D

Useless info: The moral of the story, children, is, never trust Booster. For anything...

Useless info: .....and the world quaked in fear as they witnessed Cheese Monkey's 1337 substitute for what can only be described as the utter lack of a decent Pacman sprite. Subsequently, Cheese Monkey was given a $500 endorsement check from Domino's Pizza (tm).

Useless info: Fox and Falco sprites made by The Flat Footed Boy (no email address was on the sprite sheet...). They were downsized a bit, though...

Useless info: Remember, kids, the words "refund department" always mean trouble...

Useless info: More fun background ripping, revealed plot points, and gratuitous amounts of booze. What more could you possibly want in a single episode? :-D

Useless info: Cheesy black background for effect = good.

Useless info: And so Kirby joins the team. I've decided by now that there will be several different traveling parties, but of course they'll meet up several times.

Useless info: Well... it seems that Mega Man either (a) tends to blow with the wind, or (b) has no idea what's going on. Which do YOU think?

Useless info: Eight characters in one panel is a little much (and the whole team now consists of ten), so this is why they split up. Watch closely here as Kirby inadvertantly reveals another hint to the plot...

Useless info: As hinted at last episode, I'm finally including Pokemon in the strip. Why? Well, two reasons. First, I've always disliked Pokemon immensely (as all of my friends know)... and second, because Pokemon is the 1337est game I can think of. Note that I use the... um, word... "1337" in a bad way. On a side note... yes, I know the PK Thunder sucks, but deal with it.

Useless info: The idea here is that Link knocks down Samus's ship with a bomb thinking it's an enemy ship (it's a bit hard to see because the bomb is obscured by a light ray). Also... I've never played Super Metroid, but I chose the "Varia Suit" sprite sheet because (a) she'd blend in with her ship too much otherwise, and (b) because it looks more like the suit she wore in SSBM. So there.

Useless info: Aaand they're off. A pretty colorful bunch, ain't they? I knew having all of them in the same room would be trouble, but it probably won't happen again... at least for a while. Yeah, I know I didn't say WHERE each group was going, but that's still to be decided.

Useless info: I'm sure you all can see what a shining example of effectiveness Link and Mega Man's mission will be... :-P

Useless info: More Pokemon. Um, yay?

Useless info: Doom Connector is a program used to play Doom online, and it has its own message system. And no, to my knowledge there is no user known as "FoxMcCloud."

Useless info: Those who came from know why I'm bashing 8-95. For those who don't... well, don't bother trying to understand, just take my word for it.

Useless info:, where did Sonic go, eh?

Useless info: Well, at least Sonic knows what's going on. But what does he know? This will be revealed later...

Useless info: Background taken from Phantasy Star 4. Since to my knowledge, there aren't any backgrounds of "the inside of the Great Fox," I decided to wing it.

Disclaimer: I don't own Nintendo, Mario, Donkey Kong, Pacman, Link, Samus, Fox, Falco Ness, Paula, Mega Man, Kirby, Sonic, Mr. Game & Watch, or any of the other characters shown here... nor any of their sprites except for Mr. Game & Watch's and Pacman's... blah, blah, blah...