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NetNomad's PSO Site: Trades and Hunts
Trade page updated: 6/21/05

NOTE: A lot of the stuff I list here is very common and is probably of no use to higher-leveled characters. I do have a few ultimate level rares for trade, however. I also realize that the items on my want list tend to be rarer than most of these, but I'm trying to hunt other things to add to this list, as well as my personal hunts. On the want list, my personal hunts are highlighted in blue.

Item List

Item Name
Found from
Photon Claw *2
(Don't remember)
Not particularly rare, but good for low-level androids for HP steal special, or novelty.
Photon Launcher
Vol Opt, Hard
Not particularly rare, good for novelty I suppose
Guilty Light *5+
VHard Vol Opt, Ultimate Vulmer, etc.
Just in case you don't have one of these. Haha.
Red Scorpio
Secondhand, online trade
Photon Launcher with good ATP. Currently ungrinded. I didn't tek it... :-/
Inferno Bazooka *3
(Don't remember)
Sort of like a launcher that can be equipped by anyone. Not a great wep, but I hear some people may want one...
Yamato *5+
VHard Dragon, Barba Ray, etc.
Decent twin swords... not very rare though.
Agito (1991)
(Don't remember)
VHard Sinow Zele
Rather lucky find where I got it, but not a great weapon... *shrug*
Double Saber *3+
Various... most percentless, all untekked
Hard Garanz, VHard Nano Dragon, etc.
These are the results of my TP-stealer-with-hit hunts. Decent for forces, especially melee FOs with good ATA.
Stag Cutlery *3+
Fairly common weapon, equippable only by male Hunters and Rangers...
Hildebear's Head *5
VHard Hildebears
A rather common force weapon. Free Foie... *shrug*
Hildeblue's Head
VHard Hildeblue
Not a bad force weapon... free Gibarta, anyway. Unconverted right now.
Elysion *2
Various, one untekked
VHard Chaos Bringer, Ultimate Hildelt
Decent for melee forces, or high-MST forces who want free foie or melee power (680 MST requirement)
Dragon's Claw
Secondhand, offline trade
A decent hunter weapon, also with a TP-less Foie special.
Talis / Mahu (several)
Cards with TP steal specials. None with hit, however.
Guardianna *2
0/25/0/0/0, 0/0/0/20/0
Ultimate Merlans
A more powerful card with a TP drain special. The second one has backup dupes however, which will be included in the trade, or deleted.
Plantain Leaf
VHard Tower (forgot enemy)
Can be converted to a Plantain Fan with Magic Water...
Plantain Huge Fan
0/0/0/0/0 IIRC
Secondhand, online trade
A decent partisan for melee forces, or those with high MST (690 requirement).
Red Saber
0/25/0/0/0, untekked
Ultimate Barble
A good all-around weapon with an HP steal special (nice look, too). Equippable by anyone with 502 ATP...
Stink Frame
0 slots
VHard Gi Gue
Can evolve into parasite wear series when combined with Parasitic Cell Type D (the resulting armors are very good).
Gravitron Plate *2
0, 4 slots
VHard Gillchics, IIRC
Good for lower-level rangers (level 54 requirement). Not reccomended for hunters because of the drop in ATA.
Custom Frame v.00 *3
0, 0, 4 slots
VHard Hildebears
Decent low/mid level armor (76 requirement).
S-Parts v 1.16
Somewhere in hard CCA, don't remember
A low-level shield for androids.
Regenerate Gear
Ultimate Temple Mil Lily
Shield that recovers a bit of HP when you block an attack.
Shield of Delsaber *2+
Various Delsaber locations
Good shield for low-mid levels. Works with the matching buster for a good ATP and EVP boost.
Ultimate Ob Lily
Just what it sounds like. :P
Amplifiers of:
Foie, Rafoie, Red, Zonde, Gizonde, Barta, Gibarta, Shifta, Deband, Anti
For use on the appropriate merge-barriers.

Want List

Item Name
Suggested Enemies/IDs
Character For
Reason Wanted
Red Daggers
Crimson Assassin / Skyly Caves, Sinow Blue / Viridia Mines
This is the only weapon of the red set that I do not have at least one of. Their TP-steal special will help Cyclone a lot.
Sting Tip, Talis, Mahu, Double Saber with hit%
Love Rappy / Hard Pinkal Temple (Sting Tip), Hard De Rol Le (Talis), VHard De Rol Le (Mahu), Garanz / Hard Skyly & Greenill Mines (Double Saber)
Neo Jester, Aurora Flame
For efficient stealing of TP, so I don't have to rely on fluids as much. Neo Jester's 74-DEX mag isn't nearly enough to steal at a decent rate...
Spread Needle
Merlan / Purplenum, Greenill & Yellowboze Ruins
Loaded Die
Looking for a second one of these for my RAmarl.
Pouilly Slime / VHard Greenill Caves, Mil Lily, Greenill Caves
Since my Viridia character, TheGorgotron, is a RAcast in VHard level, this is the hardest unit for me to get.
Hildeblue / VHard Skyly Forest, Pan Arms / VHard Redria Caves
Another unit that's hard for me to get... at least through piping.
Ruby Bullet
Vol Opt V2 / Greenill, Viridia, Purplenum, Pinkal & Whitill Mines
Loaded Die
I decided that, given her class, Loaded Die's "power gun" just has to be a handgun. This is the logical choice... heh.
Mil Lily / Pinkal Caves, Pouilly Slime / Bluefull Caves
Neo Jester
For the Grants boost as well as a slightly rare and unique Force weapon (Neo's Summit Moon is the closest I have to rare FO weaponry)
Yasminkov 3000R, Ano Rifle, or Bringer's Rifle
Gillchich / Greenill Mines (Yasminkov 3000R), Sinow Zoa / Redria Seabed (Ano Rifle), Dark Bringer / Various IDs in Ruins (Bringer's Rifle)
Will Blazk.
I'm looking for a rifle with good power - Will's current single-shot gun is a Frozen Shooter, which is great for support but lacking in ATP.