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NetNomad's PSO Site: Snapshots
Snapshot page updated: 6/21/05

All pictures were uploaded with PSO Proxy and, with few exceptions, taken online.

Will Blazk, fighter pose in lobby 7.
Group shot: Sheik, Will and Lost Thought in CCA... the east jungle cliffs, one of the best-looking spots in the game.
Group shot: Lee-Yoshi, Ivan and Will next to Olga Flow's transporter. Using Will's Red Mechguns allowed us to see Flowen after the fight (although I didn't get close enough...)
This was taken after trading for the Black Gear. Not a great shield, but hey, I had a bunch of low-levels at the time. The Frozen Shooter in this picture is my favorite gun, for good reason: 15% beast and 35% hit.
Possibly my favorite shot of Will... shortly after equipping his last piece of old equipment saved from the card wipe (Secure Feet), I ran into a trap in the mines and decided to use this opportunity to get a shot of him with all his gear on.
Fun with traps! Venom and I got into a bit of an argument, and ended up in a sparring match...
Erm, I might need a little help here...
Hey buddy! You talking to ME!? Er, hey, that's a nice gun... familiar too...
This was the day I borrowed Seifer's Yasminkov 3000R. I'm looking for a nice, rather powerful rifle like this... if you have a legit one for trade pop over to the trade page and see if there's anything you want for it.
Only two words are appropriate here: "nice view." :P
Master Shake chilling out with Frosty. Why is there a snowman when it's not winter, anyway?
And old shot, before the card wipe. Master Shake piped these two Hildetorrs at one time. Both dropped Frozen Shooters. One became Will's primary gun, while the other was traded away offline for a Red Sword.

Not many have seen two 'torrs at once though... :D

A test shot the day I traded for the Yamigarasu. This weapon is not currently in use, however, until KillCount++; can equip it...
One of my two rarest weapons, the Lavis Cannon. It was piped by Will from Ultimate Pouilly Slimes. I'm currently hunting Syncestas for it...
Using the Lavis to fire a projectile out over the water in temple. Not a great picture, but I kept it because somehow the lavis shot, the Guard Wave's visual effect, and the leftover Deband seemed to look good together.
Subzero wouldn't stop complaining about his overactive bladder, so I had to kill him. Apparently, even this didn't shut him up...
I probably should never have revived him, should I...

That's Sheik in the background, using Ganon.

Neo Jester in the "card" pose, in lobby 1.
10,000 Meseta on the red one!
Now wtf is THIS thing for???
Shhh. I won't tell PETA if you won't. >_>
Although none of my TP-stealing weapons have any hit%, this sting tip combined with the Nidra's 74 DEX lets Neo steal TP back at a decent rate. This was taken in Ruins 3.
KillCount++; in the end of a Photon-Blast pose. Lobby 5.
Group shot, although I wish I could remember just who these characters belonged to. Sorry, guys... :S
 What do you do when two recently-"married" players are sitting a little TOO closely together...?

POKE THEM of course!


Chair? What chair? I swear I don't see a chair behind his head... >_>

Loaded Die's lobby pose, near the waterfalls in lobby 4.
 A shot in the temple with the Twin Brand. It's not currently in use though, as I switched it with a Twin Chakram to give her a bit more individuality (many of her other weapons are the same as Will's).
The Twin Chakram was found by Will on a Forest run under Oran. Somehow, the style seemed to suggest it would look better on a female character.
Cyclone's lobby pose. Yay, windmills...?
Cyclone meets the Grand Love Rappy. Whee. Didn't drop a Sigh of a God though... not that I care, when I finally got it it sucked. Heh, one of the few rares I didn't miss when the card wipe happened...
Observing a Hildetorr in the forest... one of the many she's piped looking for Syncestas...

The weapon in the picture is Heart of Poumn.

Once I finally was able to equip the Heart of Poumn without using Will's mag, I brought it online and took this shot in the East Jungle area.
 Testing the newly traded Asuka. I moved it to Master Shake once he could equip it. For Cyclone, I need a pair of Red Daggers... if you have one for trade, then direct yourself here and see if you want anything for it...
TheGorgotron in lobby 1. Not many people have seen this character of mine, he's currently out of use.
Aurora Flame in lobby 8. Somehow the rainbow setting seemed to apply to a character with "Aurora" in their name...
Take that ZeRO!
Max(Damage); in lobby 10.