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NetNomad's PSO Site
I've moved!
This Tripod server did not have enough space to hold all my files for Doom and for PSO. Since this was originally for the former, I moved the PSO stuff to a new place. If you followed the address on my PSO Guild Card to here, well, this page is here to redirect you. Yep. See how lucky you are? You get this super special page with nothing on it.  That's right, SUPER special. With a super. So go hang a sign on yourself that says "ZOMG, I found Nomad's SUPER special page!" It'll be cool. Make it a new fashion trend or something. I dunno. I don't know much about fashion, anyway. Why are you still reading all this babble? Babble babble babble. I oughta sue you for wasting my bandwidth reading this pointless message. Just click the damned link already!
(you n00bs... XD)