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NetNomad's PSO Site: Characters
Page updated: 9/22/05

Basics and Bio
Will Blazk.
Class: RAmar
Section ID: Redria
Level: 151 (restored from corruption at 131)

Bio: Did anyone guess this name before reading this? No, this isn't my name. For those of us who played Wolfenstein 3D, the original FPS, William J. Blazkowicz was the name of the main character. Now, I wouldn't have created this character for that reference alone; last year I used the name for my entry in a forum RP, in which Will was a smart-aleck mercenary who carried plenty of guns (which is why I made this character a ranger).

Current Exploits
Currently Playing:
Ultimate TTF, RT and various harder quests

Currently Hunting:
Various tower items

Waiting to Equip/Use:
Aura Field (Level 152 - when reached, I'll pipe this)

Latest Rares:
Gi Gue Body (Phantasmal World 1)

NUG2000 Bazooka

Weapons and Equipment
Nomads Rifle +220
Source: Max(Damage); challenge mode completion
Special: Demons
Purpose: Single-shot power range and special

The result of my second venture into Challenge Mode. Will's other rifle, the Frozen Shooter, is good for support but lacking in power. I use it to attack enemies with decent power and accuracy. Its special is reliable enough even without any hit%.
Frozen Shooter +9
Source: Master Shake / Hildetorr / Ultimate Forest (piped, pre-cardwipe)
Attributes: 0/15/0/0/35
Purpose: Range, support gun

Everyone's favorite ranger support gun! This gun was the result of a day of Hildetorr piping in which I saw two at once. I turn to this gun not only for support, but because it's the most accurate weapon I own... the only one I can put my faith in almost anywhere.

God Hand +30
Source: Master Shake / Soul of a Blacksmith prize (pre-cardwipe)
Attributes: 10/0/0/0/10
Purpose: Reliable, single-hit melee

I believe everyone needs at least one melee weapon. Will's original melee weapon was a Red Saber, but this got passed down from Master Shake when I got him a Lavis Cannon. When worn with the Secure Feet (not in this shot), the resulting animation is pretty cool.
Spread Needle +40
Source: Online trade (pre-cardwipe)
Attributes: 15/0/0/0/0
Purpose: Crowd control, experience tagging

One of the few items I traded for by getting online with a friend's account is this... luckily it survived the cardwipe thanks to backups. Best shot-style weapon ever IMO... rifle speed, five bullets. If only it had better range...
Yasminkov 9000M +10
Source: Online trade
Attributes: 0/0/0/0/35
Purpose: Maximum power + range

One of the most popular ranger mechguns, and the second rarest (besides Guld Milla). Although slightly less powerful than a fully-grinded Red Mech, their rifle-range more than makes up for it... not to mention the hit% which makes it almost as accurate as the Yas3k.
Twin Blaze +9 
Source: Online Trade
Attributes: 0/0/0/0/0
Purpose: Maximum melee power, tagging

Probably the rarest twin saber a ranger can use, is Will's style melee weapon. It's an odd one because its MST boost helps a bit in places like Falz battles (just a little for the Foie), and its special doubles as a tagging mechanism, but obviously its style owns as well.
Gi Gue Bazooka 
Source: Gi Gue / Phantasmal World 1 solo run
Attributes: 0/0/0/0/0
Purpose: Boss fights, tagging

Launchers are great for hitting enemies in midair, but bazookas seem designed for hitting large groups of enemies and enemies with multiple parts. With this, Will is a nearly-unchallenged dragon and gal gryphon slayer.

The Crowd-Control Tagger
Any ranger gets the best tagging options from their crowd-control weapon, usually a shot or in Will's case, a Spread Needle. The weapon that usually sees the most action is the Spread Needle, since I really dislike to leave enemies untagged. In quick spots where time is short and I'm using another weapon (or if the enemies aren't really in the right pattern, which is usually the case with enemies like Gibbons), I rely on a quick Gizonde for tagging - in most cases, Gizonde is set to R-B for my non-force and non-android characters.

Freeze, sucka!
Any ranger who plays online with a Frozen Shooter (any decent ranger, I should say) learns to support with it rather quickly. The reasons are obvious; not only does it allow the party's hunters to do more damage quickly, but it keeps the enemy in question off of you as well as them. Some enemies just need to be frozen to be dealt with properly (such as Ill Gills). Although its accuracy is really good enough for me to turn it into a Snow Queen, I've repeatedly explained that I hate no-combo weapons... with the possible exceptions of NUG or Gi Gue Bazookas (due to the fact that their massive splash damage radius makes up for their inability to combo).

Boss master
Many boss battles seemed to be designed to give hunters a lot of trouble, but IMO a well-played ranger can easily clean up. This is why I carry the Red Scorpio... on all flying bosses, it tends to do more consistent, reliable damage than firing half-blind with a handgun or rifle. Mechguns for damage, a powerful rifle for range and a shot or needle for support (I usually take on the duty of killing Darvants with the Spread Needle during the Dark Falz battle) make boss battles easier.

Opinion: Weapon Variety
Every one of my characters (except for very new characters) carries seven weapons - no more, no less. Some people who seem to enjoy just one or two weapons... but I'd be the first to admit that I can't take the monotony of PSO too well. I like to have weapons for every purpose... single-hit power, range, crowd control, melee, etc... although I rarely double up on one purpose. My criteria for choosing weapons is that it has to be either powerful (such as the Yas3k or Red Mechs), reliable (such as the Frozen Shooter or God Hand), or useful (such as the Frozen Shooter and Spread Needle). Very rarely will I choose a full-time weapon simply for style.