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Cheese Monkey/NetNomad's PSO Characters
(Depending on where you know me from... :P)
Page updated: 5/13/05

All pictures were uploaded with PSO Proxy and, with few exceptions, taken online.
NOTE: Since the loss of my original four characters (in a memory card accident), their restarted forms show two levels: current, and original.
Now a member of Star Raiders clan. Click for more great justice!

Will Blazk. - RAmar / Redria
Level 112 (Formerly: 131)
Currently Playing: Ultimate, TTF and other quests

Currently Hunting: Spread Needle (under Yellowboze or Purplenum)

Waiting to Equip/Use: Secure Feet (Level 120)

Latest Rares: Red Saber with 15/0/0/5/0 (Barble / Ult Forest, under Yellowboze), Guardianna with 0/15/0/0/0 (Arlan / Ult Ruins, under Purplenum)

Weapons: Frozen Shooter +9, Red Saber +78, Spread Needle +40, Red Mechgun +30, Twin Brand +60, Red Scorpio +50 Soul Eater +9

Notable Equipment: Brightness Circle, God/Power, God/Luck, Hero/Ability, God/Battle

Mag: Pushan (20 DEF / 120 POW / 36 DEX / 24 MIND)

Did anyone guess this name before reading this? No, this isn't my name. For those of us who played Wolfenstein 3D, the original FPS, William J. Blazkowicz was the name of the main character. Now, I wouldn't have created this character for that reference alone; last year I used the name for my entry in a forum RP, in which Will was a smart-aleck mercenary who carried plenty of guns (which is why I made this character a ranger).

This character was level 131 before I lost my first card. I'm playing with him a lot these days. I AM happy, however, that I got a chance to re-do his proportion and his material usage.

Left: A shot of Will, Sheik, and Lostthought in Ultimate CCA, East Jungle.

Center: Posing in lobby 7.

Right: A shot after trading for the Black Gear.

Master Shake - HUmar / Purplenum
Level 75 (Formerly: 118)
Currently Playing: VHard TTF (mad rush towards Ultimate, YAAAAH!)

Currently Hunting: God/Mind, Attribute Plate (under Whitill)

Latest Rares: Hildeblue's Head x2 (Hildeblue / VHard Forest)

Waiting to Equip/Use: Brightness Circle (Level 111), Kasami Bracer (Level 112)

Weapons: God Hand +30, Red Handgun +50, Meteor Cudgel +15, Asuka +30, Red Sword +52, Rainbow Baton +24, Twin Psychogun

Notable Equipment: Parasite Wear: Nelgal, God/Power, God/Arm, God/Luck, God/Battle

Mag: Rati (still planning stats)

If you don't know who Master Shake is, you need to step back and re-evaluate your life right now. Just kidding... but at the very least you need to catch the show that this character pays homage to: one of the three main characters on Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Adult Swim on Cartoon Network). Of course, it's not like I could make him look like a milkshake cup... but that didn't stop me from trying. :P Originally, anyway.

I lost Master Shake in the card accident, but I got to remake him, slightly less fat. No visual homage this time... he's Master Shake in name only.

Left: Master Shake "chillin' out" with Frosty in lobby 10. Why is there a snowman this time of year, anyway?

Right: The old Master Shake, on the day he saw two Hildetorrs at one time.

Neo Jester - FOnewm / Bluefull
Level 20 (Formerly: 100)
Currently Playing: Hard, early quests

Currently Hunting: Nothing

Latest Rare: None

Waiting to Equip/Use: Uh, just about anything? >_<

Weapons: None to speak of, yet.

Notable Equipment: God/Mind, God/Technique, God/Battle, Resta, Gizonde and Rafoie Merges

Mag: Planned: Nidra.

Behold, my horrible inability to create names at work. As if it weren't glaringly obvious, the name is based on his look. He was lost in the card accident, but I haven't had much chance to work on him yet...

Center: Neo posing in the "card" pose in lobby 1. I've always liked the card pose. :P

KillCount++; - HUcast / Skyly
Level 5 (Formerly: 91)
Currently Playing: Normal, random quests

Currently Hunting: Nothing

Latest Rare: None

Waiting to Equip/Use: Uh, just about anything? >_<

Weapons: None to speak of, yet.

Notable Equipment: God/Arm, God/Battle

Mag: Planned: Rati.

I always thought this would be a rather cool name for any android. Of course, I'm sure I'm not the only one to come up with it. Originally he looked like he does in the center picture, but I changed this because I'm guessing a lot of people use that body scheme. This character was originally going to be a RAcast, but I changed my mind when I saw the section ID. He was lost in the card accident, and I just restarted him.

Center: I took KillCount online for a brief moment to take this one picture; a photon blast animation in lobby 5.

Loaded Die - RAmarl / Greenill
Level 84
Currently Playing: VHard TTF, PW quests

Currently Hunting: Nothing

Latest Rares: Nothing lately

Waiting to Equip/Use: Nothing

Weapons: Frozen Shooter +9, Red Saber +20, Twin Brand +45, Madam's Umbrella, Twin Psychogun, Meteor Smash

Notable Equipment: Shield of Delsaber, Custom Frame v.00 (4 slots) - God/Battle

Mag: Rukmin (Planned stats: 30/90/50/30)

Another character who was affected by my horrible name-creating problem. I debated this character's name for 45 minutes or so before coming up with this; I eventually decided on an enemy from the old SNES game Earthbound. The "Loaded Dice" was a small, squarish enemy that had no attacks of its own, but ended up one of the most annoying enemies in that section of the game. The kind of character that seems harmless at first, but you'd better watch out anyway lest they surprise you. Such is what I thought of this character (more like the RAmarl character in general, actually)... then I adapted the name to get a Greenill ID. Since she and the characters below her were not lost in the card accident, I am trying to avoid using them these days.

Center: A fighter pose in lobby 4. Go waterfalls! :D

Cyclone - HUnewearl / Oran
Level 67
Currently Playing: VHard TTF and other quests

Currently Hunting: Nothing

Latest Rare: Nothing really

Weapons: Delsaber's Buster +9, Red Handgun, Asuka +20, Dragon Slayer, Demolition Comet +15, Twin Psychogun

Notable Equipment: Shield of Delsaber, God/Battle

Mag: Savitri (Planned stats: 30/90/50/30)

More uncreative name-making, yay! Actually, this character was created rather quickly, as I had plans to play with some friends and both of them had low-leveled (or no) characters, and at the time Loaded Die was far too powerful. So I concluded that it'd be best to start fresh. I had about an hour to think of the name, and I wanted Oran. This is just what I happened to come up with; don't even try to get me to explain it.

Left: A shot taken a while ago, when Cyclone met the Grand Love Rappy. It didn't drop anything, though.

Center: OMFG W1NDMiLLZ!!1one (lobby 3)

Right: Testing the new Asuka.

TheGorgotron - RAcast / Viridia
Level 48
Currently Playing: Hard Ruins

Currently Hunting: Nothing

Latest Rares: Various DB's Sabers, etc...

Waiting to Equip/Use: Various weapons

Weapons: Justy 23ST, Stag Cutlery, Soul Eater +9, Guilty Light, Crush Bullet, L&K14 Combat

Notable Equipment: S-Parts 2.10

Mag: Diwari (Planned stats: 30/120/50/0)

I was trying to play with some friends and I needed to make a new character - this is what I came up with. This is from a recent episode of ATHF in which "The Gorgotron" was a pixelated monster. Random quote: "The Gorgotron said no, Err. With his foot."

Center: Fighter pose in front of the trees, in lobby 1.

Aurora Flame - FOnewearl / Pinkal
Level 36
Currently Playing: Hard Quests

Currently Hunting: N/A

Latest Rares: Fire Scepter: Agni (Hildebear / Hard Forest), Blue Barrier (Dimenian / Normal Ruins)

Waiting to Equip/Use: Various weapons, technique disks

Weapons: Technical Crozier, [other non-rare weapons]

Notable Equipment: Various Merges (Red Merge, Blue Merge, Gizonde Merge)

Mag: Ila (Goal is Sato)

Thesauruses are a handy thing, aren't they? I debated creating this and a FOmar for awhile, but I was sure that I wanted Pinkal. Faced with a spell of name non-creativity longer than those for Neo Jester, Loaded Die and Cyclone put together (and the PSO powers-that-be absolutely refusing to yield me a Pinkal name), I eventually loaded up an online Thesaurus and simply typed in the elements... fire, ice, lightning, etcetera. When I put in "light," the word aurora came up on the list... and so I thought of words that could go with that. I wanted something better (as "flame" doesn't really go with light...), but this was the first and only name that resulted in Pinkal. You could say I took it and ran. :-P

Left: The rainbow backdrops of lobby 8 seemed perfect for someone with "Aurora" in their name. :)

Right: Take that, Zer0! XD

Max(Damage); - HUcaseal / Whitill
Level 19
Currently Playing: Normal Caves

Currently Hunting: N/A

Weapons: [no weapons of importance]

Notable Equipment: None

Mag: Varuna (Goal is Deva)

I had to see the dagger animation. I really did. Haha... so I figured I'd make a HUcaseal eventually. At least the name was no problem this time; like KillCount++;, I'd thought of it long before. It actually came up when I was trying to name TheGorgotron... when I saw that this name gave me Whitill, I mentally stored it for when I DID make a Whitill. There's no real inspiration behind this character, other than that.

Center: Fighter pose in lobby 10. Go, pine trees! XD